10 unknown facts about Narendra Modi

From a Chaiwala to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is among the top leaders of the world. He is well known for his thought process towards the nation and his people. Not only he is the best orator in the country but also he is popular among youths of the country.

Well, we all are well aware of Narendra Modi but here are some unknown facts about Narendra Modi which we all must be aware.

1. Born Patriot and Leader

He is a born patriot and was involved in RSS at a very young age. Modi also provided his services during the 1965 Indo-Pak War. He enthusiastically assisted the soldiers at the railway stations during their journey.


2. Brave since childhood

Modi was extremely brave since childhood. He had to face many hurdles, but he never gave in. He brought baby crocodile to his house during school days.


3. A Saint from Heart and Mind

Post his teenage years,  he was deeply influenced by the spiritual lifestyle. He kept traveling alone to unknown places. He even spent time with ‘sadhus’ in the Himalayas.


4. Most Followed Leader in Social Media

Modi is among the top followed leaders in social media. He has 40+ million followers on Twitter after Donald Trump.


5. Poetry and Photography

Narendra Modi is a poetry and photography enthusiast. He writes poetry in his mother tongue, Gujarati. He also got some of his works published in poetry. He also held an exhibition to showcase his photography skills.


6. Performed in Drama and Play

In his school days, Narendra Modi had a keen desire to participate in plays and dramas. As a teenager, he performed in a charity drama.

modi (1)

7. Leadership course from USA

Narendra Modi did a three months course in the United States where he studied image management and public relations. These courses eventually helped him refine his personality and impact as a great leader in India.


8. Creaseless clothes

Narendra Modi is well known for his dressing style worldwide and wears only creaseless clothes. This further enhances his aura and command as a leader of the nation.


9. Engaged when he was child

Narendra Modi was engaged to a local girl, Jashodaben, while he was still a child.



10. Loves and Prefers National Language 

He is a great patron of the National Language, and it is justified by the fact that he always puts his signature in Hindi, whether it is any casual occasion or an official document.


We hope his leadership will definitely take India to new heights and he keeps continuing the good work beyond any politics. For more such updates follow hattjatau.com

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