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Pakistan man wins heart by singing Indian National Anthem. What a beautiful gesture? Watch it here in case you missed it.

The Asia cup fever is still on and so far team India is playing very well. Team India didn’t lose a single game. Recently on 19th September, the first match between India vs Pakistan at Dubai stadium where India defeated Pakistan by 8 wickets chasing the total target of 162.

It’s a very easy win for India, the match wasn’t looking like a typical India vs Pakistan match, it’s a totally one-sided game; however, a Pakistani man wins heart by singing Indian National Anthem and showing the Spirit of game. Lets us show you the video in case you missed it.

Isn’t this a cool gesture, the video is viral all over the world and people showing a lot of respect for it, though there is criticism too from political end. It’s just a small step to bring the two nation together.

It’s not that every Pakistani is a terrorist but a community of small people makes the entire nation wrong. This community or the anti-national group needs to be ended and this cannot be done alone, both the countries need to come together.

Both the nation needs to come together to destroy the terrorism/anti-national group and it’s not just the terrorism it’s about the people who are supporting it, encouraging it and are involved in it. These people are not commoners they are part of a Political group or are some Big Faces.

And Beyond everything the thought towards each other needs to be changed. Then only we can bring Peace and Happiness and think toward the betterment of the individual countries.




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