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Education Deterioration or Development. In what direction the Indian education system is going? Read the full story here.

” If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it better”

Education! A believer abstraction to flourish the intellect of generation. To build a new nation but not to spoil the beliefs of ancestors and other traditions.

Wake up! it’s Alarming!!.. Alarming the deterioration in the standards of education. My country’s brain is draining. Competency has been corrupted as the efficiency of a student is pitch over marks he obtains.

Wisdom is sectioned under grades.  The density of marks reflects the volume of genius. Today’s generation little ones are fallen week, technology has made their brains inferior and eradicated the power of learning. Look how beautifully this is portrayed:

No, A big no! it’s not the fault in minds but the enrollment in the education field is havoc. Yeah, havoc how the smart learning and crushing quality of education system have exposed our intellectuals to brain drain.

No. of educational institutes has increased manifolds in the country but the standards of the education system have failed to improved learning skills among the majority of students. This is clear expose of the system we have, watch the video.

The huge disparity between rural and urban kids have radically different schooling experience. Enrollments in the rural primary are low rated. It turns out the capacity of encashing the potential of the parent’s investment over kids. Wealthy investors are blessed with the highest Education No, matter degrees are dug!


of course, the Future of India is schooling in the Smart class but would it be actually a smart education or it is just the layer that does not allow to expose the actual intellect of our learners.



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