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Feminism…It’s not just a word, it’s not just the equality, It is actually a right that we all should know. What a brilliant explanation? Read the full story.

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.” ― Bette Davis

A feminism is a word which defines women’s right power and equality. But actually, it’s just in vogue. Actually we the women have forgotten the actual vibes arise from it.

It has become just a matter of publicity, govt propaganda and so-called social posts. Only express our outrages over social media to be in the limelight.

Break the walls!! get higher with your pitch, screaming on roads will not charm your dignity, my lady! But your voice can be lighter than the air. Hah!! I giggle yeah! because your campaigns and candle march are just a therapy to massage your audience and entertain with your vital stats.

What a speech by Emma Watson to explain the matter. Watch it right here.

Really an irony “wanna be Manish Malhotra” the legends of the designer? I ask why? your passion could be women’s!! leave it

Ohh!! Is she Raped? so mercy!! but why didn’t she struggle? She is a lady with a normal human body her soul yells her mind knows she is raped!

BUT…this body! it cants struggle!! poor women, But trust me we will walk on a road after your waive off from this pretty world.

My lord too much feminism is not needed. Building the same nation equal for all then why my women need the quota? She is not week she doesn’t need your pity concern.


All she needs is your corporation and a mark of dignity she owes. Don’t protect her make her confident with your trust. It’s her right.

“Remember she is not just a woman, she stands equal in the society.” 

It’s not about a matter of seconds or a day to bring the change and it is not just the individual responsibility, we all need to come together to bring the change.

We hope to see a better, wiser and happier world where everyone is treated equally and stands equally with no differentiation in their rights.

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