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Viral around the world: The amazing response of an IT employee after his colleague question him for leaving early. Watch the full video here.

In India when we come office early and leave on time, we see different reactions from different people, especially from the team members. Some people may ask you Party karne ja raha hai kya? some of them Gf se milne ja rha hai kya? and if you are married Biwi ne jaldi bulaya Hoga, few may ask “Halfday hai kya?”.  In fact, we all have experienced this situation sometimes.

We see strange reactions even if someone is coming to the office on time and leaving on time, and doing his work efficiently. People do not see punctuality, people do not see dedication, people do not see time management.

What culture we usually follow in the Indian industry especially in IT, working late hours, stretching after office hours. If you are working late in the office, you will be treated as the laborious and hardworking person, even if you have no time management, no dedication, no work life balance and no smart work.

In fact, People who fall into this late working trend category treated as best performer and at times rewarded with certificates like “Best employee”, “Rising star”, “Star of the month”. 

And that’s not the end, even your appraisal and yearly performance are rated on the basis of the late hours and stretch you do. Isn’t it wrong? Your office is not your life, there is a life after the office too, the company is paying you just for 8-9 hours. You must have a family, friends, girlfriends and you may be married.

Look the video and see what an amazing response given by an employee to his colleague once he questions him about leaving early.

We feel the culture of working late should be avoided. People should reach the office on time and should leave early and the performance of any individual should not be rated on the basis of his/her working hours. It’s should be calculated overall.

The work-life balance nowadays is very much important to have a healthy and happy life. So we feel if you an individual working 8-9 hours efficiently without wasting his time, completes his work on time, then he should be treated as a good performer or the best employee instead of the people who are late sitters.

Let us show you the email sent by Ex Infosys CEO Narayan Murthy once to his colleagues for working late hours and time management. This is a perfect example of the true leadership:





we should actually follow the trend of western countries in our Indian organization where people come early, work efficiently and leave on time. We hope this should bring little change to our working trend.






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