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Viral around the world: What is kiki challenge? How did it start? Things to know about Kiki Challenge. Why it’s trending so much? #deadlychallenge #kiki. Read the full story here.

You all must be hearing so much about kiki challenge in social media and news but some of you are still wondering what exactly the kiki challenge is? How did it start? and all. Let us quickly explain to you.

What is kiki Challenge?

As per the challenge, the participant has to move out of a slow-moving car and dance on the track of Drakes-In My Feelings recreating the original steps. The driver will record the video, which will be published on the social media with hashtag #KiKiChallenge.

The challenge went so viral and we see a lot of people accepting the deadly challenge. Just after it went viral, injured so many people, and even few lost their lives, Police around the world warning people against the challenge and requesting not to perform this.

How did it start?

The kiki challenge was originated from the official video of Drake’s In My Feelings song, However, in the video, you will not see a car or a crazy lover jumping out of it while it’s moving. Soon after this challenge went viral and deadly, the official video of Drake’s song is banned over the social media and Youtube. Here we have the kiki challenge video though it’s not official.

People around the world are still crazy and accepting this deadly challenge. Look at the videos below.

Recently the kiki challenge was accepted by two farmers from India. See how safely they played yet enjoyed too. They win many of our hearts and its viral over social media and news. Everyone is treating them as a winner of the Kiki challenge. Look at the video.

We request not to perform such deadly challenges as it may lead to serious troubles and even you can lose of life. If you are taking it as a fun then perform it somewhere in the isolated place or at home but not in a moving car or in the streets. Play it safe after all it’s a matter of your life.










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