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Viral around the world: Deepika and Ranveer attacked me, claimed a girl who asked for a picture of them? Read the full story here.

Ranveer and Deepika are just back from their vacations in Orlando, USA and the duo spent some quality time with each other despite their busy schedule. They both were spotted recently at Mumbai airport soon after their vacations. Watch the video.

Recently when Ranveer and Deepika were on vacations, a viral news comes in where a girl claimed being attacked by Deepika and Ranveer while they were walking hand in hand at Disneyland. Look at the video here.

The girl named Zainab Khan who is shouting at Deepika in the video claimed of being attacked by Deepika and Ranveer once she asked for a picture.

Looking into the video, we feel Deepika is coming happily towards the fan and trying to make her convince about their privacy. We don’t know what exactly happened after this but we are sure there must be few words exchanged between the girl and couple.

Soon after this incident, Zainab the girl writes on Instagram accusing Ranveer and Deepika of attacking and Yelling at her. Here we have the post of Instagram written by girl explaining the matter.


We truly understand the feeling and emotions of being a fan but celebrities do have their own privacy and we think what made Deepika and Ranveer more serious out there is, girl capturing their private moments.

We think Zainab could have apologized for capturing the moments when Ranvir and Deepika were yelling at her instead of taking it otherwise. Deepika and Ranveer too need their personal space

However; looking into the post of girl, we feel this is totally a publicity stunt to get some fame and name. Everyone has its own life and celebrities do need a few moments away from media and audience. Looking into the matter girl is completely failed in this viral test.

Deepika and Ranveer are in a relationship from last 5 years and the couple looks perfect with each other. We hope they are going to tie the knot very soon, we wish them a great future ahead.


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