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Is red for Hindu and Green for Muslim? Is cow Hindu and goat Muslim? Watch the speech beyond every religion

Who made all this differentiation? Is it by God or Allah or by someone else. No, we all made it, we distinguish these colors, we distinguish even animals and flowers. Think about where we are going, we want us to be a developed country, a country with no poor, no jobless people, great economy, superpower.

We compare us with other developed countries like USA, China, etc but do you think their people also distinguish things like we do? Do they believe in such differentiation? The answer is no, they don’t. They are far better than us, they think beyond our thought process. They don’t differentiate, they are not diversified, they unite together for the betterment of the country.

What a fabulous speech to explain the matter here? How we distinguish religion by color and animals. The speech beyond every religion, a small step for a change- Javed Jafri

If we want to bring some changes, we need to come out of all these differentiation, we need to change our thoughts first then teach our child, our family, and friends. It is not just the change in our thoughts, it is a change for society, it is a change for the country. That’s how any country grows. We are not just Hindu or Muslim, before that, we all are human beings, we all are people of our nation. We all are one

We know this change is not a matter of one day, it will take time. It is not for an individual, we all need to take the step forward, to make our tomorrow a better world,  beyond every religion and beyond all this differentiation and discrimination.

#nohindu #nomuslim #weallareone #weallareIndian #wearehuman #changeyourthoughts #loveforall #merabharatmahan



Jai Hind


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