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Where is comedy king Kapil Sharma disappeared? coming back with a new show? or signing a new film? Watch all his recent updates here…

As we all know comedy king Kapil Sharma is out of the screen from past 5-6 months. The person who brings smiles to many faces, who used to make people laugh at every moment, where is he disappeared suddenly? why he went totally out of the screen? No tv, no films, no social media.

This question comes to almost everyone’s mind who loves Kapil Sharma and who want his comeback soon. We will surely let you know how he is doing and what he is planning next.

Let us go little behind when everything was on the Kapil’s way, the fame, the stardom even at times Salman Khan was out of frame when people used to talk about him. Any show he works on whether its Comedy Nights with Kapil or The Kapil Sharma show it gets boomed and is used to be the best-viewed show of that season. Even that limelight never goes down when his show shifted from Colors to Sony channel. And later he got chance to work as a lead actor on movies too like Kis Kis ko Pyar Karun and Firangi.

It’s not only the Kapil Sharma behind his success. It’s the team who works very hard together to give the best to the audience. What a talented team it used to be.

  • Kapil Sharma as Kappu Sharma / Chappu Sharma/ Shamsher Singh (Inspector) / Rajesh Arora / Gappu / Tapu
  • Sumona Chakravarti as Sarla Gulati (Daughter of Dr. Mashoor Gulati and childhood friend of Kappu)
  • Kiku Sharda as Bumper (Nurse in 50-50 hospital) / Santosh (Rinku Devi’s sister-in-law) / Damodar Ishwarlal Gaitonde (Inspector) / Bachha Yadav (Milkman) / Kaccha Yadav (Brother of Bachha Yadav)
  • Sunil Grover as Dr. Mashoor Gulati/ Rinku Devi / Piddu
  • Ali Asgar as Naani
  • Bharti Singh as Babli Mausi/Lalli
  • Rochelle Rao as Lottery (Nurse in 50-50 hospital)
  • Chandan Prabhakar as Chandu (Owner of Dubai tea stall)
  • Sugandha Mishra as Teacher Vidyavati
  • Navjot Singh Sidhu as a Permanent Guest

Kapil Sharma


The Kapil Sharma Show

After winning his first show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007, Kapil never looks back, he keeps on winning people heart by giving his best in comedy. He is the best standup comedian ever in the history of the television whose sense of humor is out of the box and is fantabulous.

Now you all must be thinking even after getting so much of fame and name and well stand in the industry. Why and when the Kapil downfall starts? and how actually it happen? Some people were saying Kapil was not able to digest this much stardom that is the reason behind all this, some were saying it was his arrogance and aggressive nature.

We must say It’s the people who made Kapil and it’s the people who let him down and they are not outsiders, they are his own friends, close friends, and his own teammates.

Let us take you to the point from where this story actually gets started. It starts with an on-air fight between Kapil and Sunil when they were coming back from Austrailia after their show, It was indeed a turning point for Kapil Sharma and his team. It went viral in media. “Kapil ne flight mein daaru peekar Sunil ko thappad mara” and it went hype. Media showed this in such a dirty manner even Sunil can’t restrict himself to get out of the show.

As far as we understand it was their internal matter and could have been solved internally; However, our media showed it such a brutal manner to make it a headline. Finally, in this matter, Sunil Grover breaks his silence later and said: “I came out of the show because of my self-respect.”. Here we have the Apology tweet from Kapil and a response from Sunil Grover.

We understand if we work together as a team these small clashes happen and is a part of life and could be solved with little efforts of internal discussion. Everyone makes mistake and we all learn from it. However; this doesn’t happen here and Sunil moves out of the show completely and later on Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar too left the show blaming the nature of Kapil Sharma.

This is not the end to Kapil Sharma problem, later on, he accuses and filed a police complaint against his Manager/ex-girlfriend Preeti and her sister Neeti Simoes for defaming him and naming them as a reason of his downfall. Below the picture of Kapil Sharma with Preeti. The two dated for a long period; however, things don’t work later.


Here we have the tweet for you which is the complaint against Preeti.

Let us clear you the tweet, Kapil Said Preeti and Neeti were responsible for handling the celebrity guests and letting me know every detail beforehand but due to their lack of coordination and not informing me on time, several celebs were left miffed with me. They also tried to create a misunderstanding about me and my other fellow actors. Due to Preeti and Neeti’s miscommunication, I suffered a lot as many celebs were upset with me and this hampered my public image. And surprisingly, all of this was told to me by Anushree. I realized that people I trusted the most were trying to pull me down and tarnish my image and my teammates were scared to tell me fearing a job loss.”

Later on, to get out of all these, Kapil brings a new show Family time with Kapil Sharma however that too didn’t go well. When things are not on your way nothing works. That too happens with Kapil Sharma.

We understand Kapil’s situations after all these brawls and end of the day we all are human beings. These situations can let anyone down and feel depressed.

As per the sources, Kapil is highly depressed with all these brawls in his life and would like to keep himself away from all this. Here we have the recent tweet from him.

He is now resting and enjoying vacations. We all need space to get out of problems. Why can’t he? Why can’t he takes a break and makes his life happy? If he makes all of us happy in most of our moments Why can’t he?. It’s just the difference he is a celebrity and can’t live peacefully. He too is a human being and needs a peaceful life. Let us give him a space to get out of all these.

Recently, we found him roaming in Amsterdam, NZ Grocery store. It seems he gained some weight but looks happier.

Kapil Sharma_nz


He is now back from Amsterdam, NZ after having good vacations and still recovering. Last week, we spotted him at Mumbai airport. Here we have the video.

Our sources also said, Vinod Tiwari, who will make his debut as a director with the forthcoming film Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle, is keen on making a biopic on actor-comedian Kapil Sharma after watching Sanju, based on the life of actor Sanjay Dutt.”

We are sure Kapil Sharma will come out of all these problems very soon and will make all of us laugh more than he did earlier. We wish him a speedy recovery and pray he makes a come back very soon with a bang.

“Bete mujhe tumhari ye baat bilkul pasand nai aayi..Haha lol samjhe nai kya?” apna Rajesh Arora aka Kapil Sharma 😀 😉


He is a born comedian and a very talented actor, we wish a good luck for his future projects. What we say in Haryanvi “Apna Chora Ghana bawra hai comedy ke liye, jald wapasi karega” 🙂

Jai Hind @copyright


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